World Health Organisation – declares the Coronavirus Outbreak as a “global health emergency” and regards the situation is grave.

The school management has been vigilantly monitoring all ongoing developments in the news on the situation and are aware that WHO has officially declared the outbreak of coronavirus in China a global health emergency.

A declaration form was recently sent out for all parents to complete with regards to travel and visitors received over the festive break a few days ago.
Please ensure that you have completed and returned this accordingly

The MOE has called representatives from schools to attend a briefing by the Dept of Health on Monday morning.

In the meantime if you have travelled to China from 15th January 2020 or received visitors from China please refrain from attending school for two weeks as this is the reported ” precautionary incubation period deemed necessary.

If your child is having any flu symptoms please keep him/her at home and seek immediate medical attention.
We will also be monitoring temperature checks of students, staff and everyone who enters the school premises.

Definitely have a face mask for your child while in school and hand sanitisers if you are able to get these.

The teachers will oversee that regular handwash & sanitisers are used.

We thank you for your cooperation.