Sri Ara schools has given both my sons an excellent education in small classes with individual attention to my kids needs opportunities to try new things in safe environment and a community of parents who believe in the schools mission.

There is no doubt my son got good education at Sri Ara. In addition to opportunities to excel, he also gets a chance to participate in a range of activities he doesn’t have to be the best in order to be valued.

What I cherish at Sri Ara is that it’s an excellent place for children to learn to work together and help each other regardless of any age group or where you are from. It’s a beautiful environment which we will always cherish and remember

Mr./Mrs. Sukumaran Letchumi, November 2010

It was 5 years ago when we moved to Johor Bahru from Kuala Lumpur. My daughter started her schooling at The Garden International School in KL. The Garden International School has a long history with a good reputation and has more than 1,200 pupils. My daughter was very happy to go to school every day and as parents we were satisfied with their organization.

When we choose Sri Ara International School as her new school at her year 5, we had a good impression about the school environment and staff but we had some disappointment of class size and facilities.

However, despite our worries, she started to change for the better in a very short period.

After a few months, a mother of her classmate in KL who knows my daughter well for three years mentioned to me how impressed to see my daughter’s English level is increased.

From that moment, it didn’t take us so long to realize that her character started change well.

At her previous international school in KL, she was happy child but never tried to express herself to others. She was encouraged to put her hands up three times one class but she was too shy to do so.

At Sri Ara, as they have small number in a class, she is constantly asked questions directly and  when she answers, not only the teacher but classmates listen to her and they also reply.

After all, I believe that this dynamic

Mr. YOSHINORI OTA, December 2015

This is my daughter’s 6th year and the 3rd year for my son at Sri Ara International School. When we start sending my daughter to this school, there were not many choices for non-Malaysian children in Johor Bahru.

In the last few years, we have seeing more new schools coming into town. Some parents decided to shift their children to new school from here as their facilities are all new & modern, they look organized and most parents believe that more children in class enhances their ability of education and communication skill.

What I hear from some of those parents and children recently… They are missing so much of the things that they enjoyed in Sri Ara, a school that has something very special offer…

This ‘something’ is the thing that binds us to this school.

When you first visit Sri Ara, you will be impressed by the large garden surrounding the charming, old world buildings. Within these buildings, there are always lots of activities taking place such as Cultural day, Tele-match (sports day) and teachers day.

This is one of the beauties of Sri Ara, I think. The environment and ethos of the school plus their constant program of interesting extra-curricular activities, such as taekwondo, Dragon dance club, Team building motivation camp, SRC’s activities such as fundraising will encourage your child to become more sociable and cheerful.

Whilst they are not perfect, they still have a lot of charm. To start with, class sizes are small-5 or 7 kids in the norm-so all students are guaranteed personal attention, and it is obvious to see how this small class size is working well for my children’s academic level.

To conclude, I believe that Sri Ara offers considerably more than most other International schools. By going beyond normal classroom learning and trying to teach the children social skills, co-ordination, the good habits of concentration and caring and respect for others, I believe that the school is doing an excellent job of preparing the children properly for a full and rounded future.

Mrs. Chiemi Cowan, 2011

I made a conscious decision to enrol my son Hanif in a private school during his primary years because he was a quiet child and I was concerned that he might miss out if in a class with many other students. That decision was correct as Hanif eventually became far more confident over the years. His early primary and eventually secondary years at Sri Ara had definitely moulded his independent character and leadership qualities which definitely helped during his time at university and now in his working life.”

Mr. Rezal Dato Rahim

I strongly believe and I know that my kids learned a lot in Sri Ara especially in politeness, professionalism, and being considerate and non-judgemental. They learned from very young to accept people for who and what they are and I’m so intrigued that they embrace all their friends of different cultures and religions as their own and vice versa. In Sri Ara I’ve seen this in all their kids, although every one of them are in different places; and after leaving Sri ARA they still are connected. I’m proud to say that my kids and their friends learned so much in their early years in Sri Ara that have made them the Global citizens that they are and very much Malaysian with a lovely heart. It’s not only my kids, same applies to the rest of the kids from Sri Ara. Yuvan, Aishah and the rest…My husband and I always believe this… and are grateful for this

Dr. Vanassa

Having spent my primary school years there it was very easy to make friends and I wasn’t shy at all – maybe at the beginning I was. I developed really good friendships with all the students and built upon a positive relationship with the teachers. I also learned a lot about multiculturalism and that was very interesting for me. I also liked the way the subjects were taught as well as the extra-curricular activities that were available after school.

Nadiye Culha, student 2006-2015

I have been educated at schools in three different countries: Japan, Malaysia, and the United States. Although the United States are known for their cultural diversity, my cultural awareness was truly fostered at Sri Ara. At Sri Ara, I became friends with students who came from a wide variety of countries, such as Germany, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Belgium, Australia, Philippines, Korea, and China. Sri Ara did a great job of raising our awareness of each other’s culture by providing various activities and events, and at Sri Ara, I felt comfortable to express myself and also learned to respect others’ backgrounds and beliefs. I became friends with Malaysian students and learned their culture too, so I could also utilize the opportunity of being in Malaysia at Sri Ara. Currently I live in California, where people from a wide range of backgrounds reside, and every day I feel the benefit of the education I received at Sri Ara. I believe that Sri Ara broadened my perspective and made me a better person.

Shunto Kobayashi, student 2006 - 2009, Has now completed his phD in Economics at UCLA

I’ll always remember my very first day at school when everyone gave me a hearty welcome, and I knew I was about to spend one of the best time of my life.

What I loved in Sri Ara, was the human dimension on the school. Not too much students, just enough to mix everyone and create a vibrating community of happy people. It’s indeed quite a thing to have the small kids sharing a lunch, helping, playing and laughting with the older ones. I also liked the fact to have people coming from many different countries, not having the same lifestyle, but living together so well.

The buildings and atmosphere are also much enjoyable. It reminds me of the old colonial days. All is very green and it makes a lot of place to seize the day.

Concerning education, I found it surprising too. Being used to the french education, much more straightforward, I appreciated the very British approach of the lessons, with a critical approach, based on case studies and exchanges. There was no burden. In Sri Ara the absolutely FANTASTIC teachers really opened me to the world and gave me a real envy to keep going further. They are all very benevolent and have a genuine desire in enlightening their students. The closeness you can have with them and the staff is really positive and it helps a lot to succeed.

The diversity of the subjects and large range of activities proposed by the school is astonishing too. We can do theater, literature, art lessons. Sri Ara is also a ground of joy, sport, art and music were always at the center of every kid’s orientation. I insist again on the moral activities that, I found very constructive to every single student.

This experience truly enhanced my personality and status. Going back to France after this wonderful year, I passed an international baccalaureate of economic and social sciences. I currently study History and Law in Paris, at the great universities of la Sorbonne and Assas, I’m so proud of this and have a wonderful time. I always keep thinking of Sri Ara and all of the faith I was given there. I’m very grateful and would be so happy to visit the school again in the coming years.

It will always be a pleasure!

Jules Muzard,2018

For the past 10 years that I’ve been in Sri Ara, I have never felt so comfortable around everyone. I originally placed in a public school for a year and half I dreaded it. But when I found out my parents were pulling me out and enrolled here I’ve never been that happy as when I was brought to Sri Ara School (previously the Tun Dr Ismail School), I was thrilled everyone was very hospitable.

Sri Ara is a small school. That is what makes it great and different from any other school. It’s a school where everyone knows each other. Everyone knows everyone else’s names. No one is a stranger there. So far as I know, all the students are very happy to be in Sri Ara. They are very lucky. It has a homely feeling and the environment is so different. It’s secluded and surrounded by greenery. The students can study in peace and without disturbances. The teachers on the other hand are very experienced. Mr.Patrick Tan, Ms. Sarina, Mr. Edward, Mr Jacob, Ms.Teresa, Ms.Audrey, Ms. Amirah and Mr.Mason who have all taught me. I am who I am today because of them and my parents. They’ve taught me so much and I want to thank all of them from the bottom of my hearth including Puan Nooraini who has been a great mentor.

It has been an honor to have served as the Student Council’s president. As a group, we achieved so much in 2011. We had our annual Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day Celebration. The fundraising event for the Japanese tsunami and earthquake victims which the school managed to raise over RM7, 000.00. Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday we visited the historical city of Malacca, our school concert which to me was greatest ever between the pass concerts held and finally we visited the home for the gifted which the school donated numerous item such as food, money and clothing.

I’ve made the greatest friends in Sri Ara. We’re all going on our own path. I’ll always remember the laughter as we go our separate ways, but there’s so much we’re learning and we can’t be afraid. Although we may reject that we are. There’s a world outside our door and perhaps some obstacles in our way that we will overcome.

And now, it’s been a decade and I still cannot believe that my school days are over. I’m very happy and excited and scared at the same time to enter this phase of my life. Although I’m rather sad to leave Sri Ara but it’s a big world out there. I’m going to find out who I am and I’m not to be afraid of it. If it weren’t for Sri ara, I may not even dare to step out from my house.

Mohamad Syakir Idraqie Ahmad Zakii, student since Primary ?, February 2012.

I enjoyed my time in Sri Ara very much. The school itself has a very friendly environment with lots of green. My art classes was what I enjoyed most; where we got to create our artwork surrounded by nature. I developed a good deal of creativity and had learned to think out-of-the-box. Lots of co-curriculum classes to choose from to keep us active while we explore our potential. Thank you Sri Ara, although I left half way to study abroad I never forget to visit whenever I’m back and when I am free. My parents were non educated, if I didn’t study in Sri Ara, I wouldn’t be able to communicate in English. So in Sri Ara, I have at least gained some basic English communication skill and knowledge before I starting my journey overseas.

Christine Ler, student since Primary 4, year

I enjoyed my time in Sri Ara and there were so many memories that were made there but let me make this short and simple:

I gained leadership equalities through the SRC (Student Representatives’ Council)

A spirit of camaraderie with my mates that lasts more than 5 years since we have left the school and gone our separate ways.

Being involved with the SRC gave me ample opportunities to plan events for the school and interact with the other students.

Maintained a balance between the extra-curricular activities and my studies.

A conductive environment and teachers who gave extra classes for us to achieve excellent results.

Teachers were always available for us to talk to and seek advice.

We were friendly to even aliens; secondary students would sit and have lunch with primary students, and older students would be seen playing football with the really young students.

Classes were small so the whole school knew everybody and would always greet each other.

Sri Ara still strives to roughen out the edged and to blossom well-rounded individuals.

I achieved 7 As for my SPM in 2007 as well as a Distinction in English for the International competitions and Assessments for School with Sri Ara and I am currently studying at a university in Singapore.

Niloufer Ruqayya Othman, Primary 2,