Sri Ara School Re-opening & Parent-Teacher Meeting


In his speech on 1 July, the Senior Minister of Education, Dr. Radzi Jidin, announced that the Ministry of Education in accordance with the Ministry of Health and the Security Council and based on the current situation of the transmission of the COVID-19 epidemic, the authorities have agreed to the full reopening of schools.  

Sri Ara School Re-opening & Parent-Teacher Meeting2020-07-05T09:48:47+08:00

Preparation of School Reopening June 2020


The teachers and staff of Sri Ara have been busy preparing for the re-opening of the school after the 3 month COVID-19 closure. They've been sanitising the classrooms and implementing social distancing rules within the classrooms and school buildings according to the recommended SOP set by the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education.

Preparation of School Reopening June 20202020-06-25T07:08:45+08:00

World Health Organisation Notice


World Health Organisation - declares the Coronavirus Outbreak as a "global health emergency" and regards the situation is grave. The school management has been vigilantly monitoring all ongoing developments in the news on the situation and are aware that WHO has officially declared the outbreak of coronavirus in China a global health emergency. A declaration form was recently sent out for all parents to complete with regards to travel and visitors received over the festive break a few days ago. Please ensure that you have completed and returned this accordingly The MOE has called representatives from schools to attend [...]

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Sanitisation of School Buildings


The teachers and staff of Sri Ara had been busy during the three days closure, sanitising the classrooms and school buildings. As recommended by the health officers, the cleaning and sanitising exercise was repeated for 3 consecutive days. Read more in our newsletter

Sanitisation of School Buildings2019-08-25T10:06:30+08:00
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